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The high-unmet demand for electricity in Africa provides a great opportunity for business in the region.
Open Space Photovoltaic

Wealth and energy are interlinked in a vicious cycle. Wealth gives opportunity to invest in an energy system or advance the current one through efficiency gains and upgrading technology. Lack of wealth on the other hand has made people dependent on traditional sources which are currently being mined as opposed to sustainable yield. One of the most serious challenges facing Africa is creation of new wealth commensurate by supporting energy to them.

The concerted effort towards improving overall economic efficiency and generating new wealth both at local and national levels will depend on how well modern energy services are delivered to the users and the relative costs involved. Solarpower tranmission via photovoltaic plants will be an very cost effectice solution to get rid of the power drops and lacl of electricity in Zambia.

The regulation barrier that so far limiting the widespread use of open space photovoltaic is starting to break. There are significant shifts considerable in the last few years in most of the African countries.  Most of the policies are yet to be fully reformed to provide appropriate mechanisms for delivering renewable energy affordable and reliable to all sectors of economies in sub Saharan Africa.

The cost of electricity has been increasing, while many had been made to belief that reforms would lead to cheap energy – this is not the case. Hedging energy cost for the increasing industry and for the peoples in the country can only be reached by using natural resources in the country like sun, water and biomass. The energy development has not moved in tandem with appropriate grid and non-grid specifications, standardization and harmonization. The outcome of such scenario has to be the development of renewable energy.

Greenfields Energy Corporation can help to develop and
setup open space photovoltaic all over the country.
We can provide site analysys, planning and financing
concept with or without equity.

Building and setup will be done by German EPC in
conjunction withlocal workers. Know how transfer
in this sector will be guraneed.

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