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Efficient and reliable power supply in Africa: Off Grid Solar Systems from Greenfields Energy Corporation
Off grid solar systems

Off grid solar systems are stand-alone photovoltaic packages that can be used for generating solar electricity safely and reliably to the user. Therefore Greenfields Energy Corporation integrated various complete systems that cna be used for many different applications – so called off grid solar packages.

All the components fare fitting optimally together and have been configured ideally for the needed application. Our off grid solar systems ensure an independent power supply with reliable functions.

We offer solutions for all needed applications. Starting from single homes but not limited to farms, lodges, hotels, schools or governmental building. All systems are available in various sizes depending on the energy requirements.

Efficient and reliable power supply in Africa: Off Grid Solar Systems from Greenfields Energy Corporation

To designs an off grid solar systems means to consider the specific needs or the user. It depends on the loads that are connected and on the duration of the stand-alone supply.

The main differences between us and our competitor is that we only use high quality solar modules, ideally designed battery systems and sinus inverters from high end German manufactures. All possible conventional electrical appliances can be operated reliably without a problem and will not break due to power supply problems or electronic disturbing from the grid. This advantage allows you having a stand-alone energy supply for your home, Lodge, farm or hotel. Greenfields Energy solution shows that power and reliability are closely linked to the know how of doing it and the system design.

In case you have an request for your site, simply tell us
your needs and the power you require. We can then
individually design for you on the best solution for
your purposes.

The pre-fabricated packages for easy installation are on stock an can be used anywhere in the country because of the German quality and robustness of the products that we use. Our engineers will use a software to calculate the off grid solar system individually for you. This will help to build up for you a system that fed your actual consumption in order to define the best package.

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