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Simple system for warm water with 250 or 500 liters solar storage for 5 or 10 people
AQUA Drain Back Solar – compact hotwater solar system

The AQUA Drain Back Solar system is drain back hot water solar systems especially build for the African market. The advantages of such a drain-back solar system are the efficiency compared with the reliability and robustness. All you can expect from German Engineering.

The drain back  solar system features a drain back vessel. When the system is not running the fluid in the system will drain back to the vessel. The advantage is that when no heating is needed, never be non-moving fluid in the panels. So there is no chance of overheating and there is also no requirement for an expansion vessel.

The Ideal Solution for:
  • Residential Buildings
  • Private Homes
  • Lodgets and Hotels
  • Industry buildings
  • Schools and Sport Facilities

Simple system for warm water with 250 or 500 liters solar storage for 5 or 10 people


The Drain Back Solar system is a unique design in which the single large drain back tank is used for heat storage only. The pump circulates tank water through the collectors and in case of no need, the collector water drains back to the tank. The incoming potable water makes a single pass through a finned copper coil heat exchanger that is immersed in the drain back tank. The simple and maintenance free system supports 15 Years live time even in rough and hot areas like Africa.


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