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  • Open Space Photovoltaic
    Open Space Photovoltaic

    not even 3 percent of roofs, facades and noise barriers (late 2009) are used for solar power systems in Germany. The SFV calls for urgent use of roofs, facades...

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  • Smaller Off-Grid Power Systems
    Smaller Off-Grid Power Systems

    The variation of our Off-Grid Power System covers a broad range of requirements and gives a wide spectrum of applications. The off grid power generation process and the components...

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  • Biomass and Plant Oil CHP
    Biomass and Plant Oil CHP

    Biomass is one of the most important and most diverse renewable energy sources. Biomass is used in solid, liquid and gaseous form and  the all-rounder among the renewal energy...

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  • Rural Energy – Off-Grid Systems
    Rural Energy – Off-Grid Systems

    Common characteristics of rural energy systems in Africa. Despite local and regional specificities, rural Africa has much in common that shapes the approach to ...

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  • Mini-Hydro River Generator
    Mini-Hydro River Generator

    Small hydro power stations, by their very nature of being widely disbursed can be part of the solution to meeting the modern energy needs of Zambia especially in rural...

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  • Wind Energy for Zambia
    Wind Energy for Zambia

    In contrast to fossil energies such as oil, coal, uranium and natural gas, the use of renewable energies protects the climate and environment, is resource-efficient and safe. Renewable energies...

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  • Solar backup and emergency
    Solar backup and emergency

    A Solar backup Unit uses Solar PV Module to produces energy which is quite sufficient to run a network for extended hours. The extra large batteries used in the...

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  • PV Hybrid Diesel Systems
    PV Hybrid Diesel Systems

    Photovoltaic Diesel Hybrid networks can be a cost-effective means of supplying affordable and reliable power to rural communities. A PV Hybrid Diesel Systems can save Diesel Cost from hundred...

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Our understanding of doing Business
"I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do." (Leonardo da Vinci)
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