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Your roof can do a lot for you
Example Roof CalculationGet rid of power cuts, save Money and support your Country with Energy:  Greenfields Energy Corporation helps you to analyze your roof and can exactly calculate for your savings. For the total consumption of your building we calculate the electrical power usage.
Most buildings in Lusaka are connected to ZESCO, but Power shedding comes regularly in Zambia. The Diesel Generator will start and the already expensive Diesel will be burnt. This is not necessary as office buildings normally use most of the power during the day.
Advantageously, this innovation does the following:
  1. Reliable Power Supply during office hours, ZESCO cost can significantly reduced.
  2. Automatically power switch when ZESCO fails without any delay
  3. Significant Diesel fuel saving during operation
  4. New marketing aspect by publishing a sustainable concept to customers, partners and suppliers
  5. Partly independent from rising power and Diesel cost

Your roof can do a lot for youGreenfields specialists will analyze the roof and with our 3D model, we balance the power needs with the roof capacity of Solar modules. For all the calculations we done in Zambia, we are able to find a significant saving package. Do not be surprised, in some cases customer can save up to 25 Million Kwacha ( about 500.000 USD) in the calculation period and 40.000 liters of Diesel every year.  The systems can work up to 30 Years.


Please contact us, we can calculate your roof too!


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